9am each Sunday we gather for God's Service of Word and Sacrament

We gather in song and thanksgiving for the abundance God provides, yet we know that this is God's Service, for we are forever the one's who receive.

Each time we gather, we hear and experience God's Word of promise, hope and salvation.

We strive to lift and support one another in love and share an open table with all who hunger to know the love of God.

In the celebration of communion we gather at the Lord’s table. He is the host. All present are welcome to eat, to be strengthened and nourished, to be fed and forgiven, and to be gathered together as one with the whole body of Christ.

All are welcome at the Lord’s table.

We gladly welcome and encourage your presence among us to enrich and contribute to our community of faith with your unique gifts and personality.

This is Christ's Church, there is a place for you here.